Dear Raunak: Six months old

You are 6 months old today!! And you seem to be growing at zoom speed. Of late, you have become a real wriggle worm when I try to feed you. It is as if you want to say "Put me down mama! I've got work to do". You have realized that throwing things is as amusing as trying to hold them. It is delight watching you go into fits of laughter whenever you drop something on the ground.
You are 'mobile' now baby! You love rolling on your stomach and rolling on your back and rolling on your stomach again. You are finding this an easy way to move from one corner of the room to another rather than trying to crawl. Crawling sure is a tough business. You try real hard and crawl a little too but you need to work on your technique. You seem to move backward when you want to move forward and forward when you want to move backward. I am freezing every little move of yours in photographs and one day I will put them up here.