Dear Raunak: Eight months old

You are growing up to be a naughty little fellow Raunak. I took you to church last Sunday and you started spitting at everyone who wants to hold you. But one good thing is you are very friendly. You are very comfortable with strangers. I don't know why but you seem to be fascinated with electrical switchboards. So much so that when you fall down and are crying, we take you near the calling bell or some switchboard around and you give an instant smile.
You stared crawling all of a sudden one fine morning and you crawled as if you were doing it for the past 10 years. And the next day you took support of papa's leg when he was watching TV and stood up!!! and fell down and got hurt of course but may be because you reached your crawling milestone a little late, you were making up the time by trying to stand up with support almost immediately.
I wish Kate were here to see you now. She has gone to visit her parents and will be back soon.

Picture time: All smiles all the time :)