Dear Raunak: 4 years old now!!! :)

4 years old!! Someone recently asked you what you want to become when you grow up and you promptly replied "Spiderman". "Very appropriate", papa said, "aim high". Well we don't really care what you turn out to be when you grow up. Become whatever you want to become.

You also crossed an important milestone the other day. You remembered your dream! :) I was brushing your teeth today and you suddenly said "Mummy, what is the story that plays when we are asleep called?" It took me a second to understand that you were referring to a dream. You said "in that story, Aadhruti (a friend of your's at school) was driving a green car and papa was driving his WagonR. Papa started driving fast..." and you went silent. When I asked you what happened next, you said "that's all" :)