God Delusion

A friend of mine, Dr. Nitin More, gifted this book to me. The book is special because of Nitin. Nitin is the resident linguist at the place I work and has a deep interest in spirituality. Above all, he is a wonderful friend. I used to be very interested in spirituality sometime ago until I started reading books about Psychology and Neurology. A lot of things started changing in my life from then on. I started thinking differently. I loved the preface of this book. I felt that the author was directly talking to me. A very engaging book if you are willing to believe, at least until you finish the book, that may be there is no God. I agree with everything this guy (forgot the name of the author as usual) said but by the end of the book, I am peaceful in the middle. Do I believe that there is God?...hmmm... I am not sure. Do I believe that there is no God?....not sure either. Do I care? No. I am happy reading all my Science books and believing in all the research done by great men over hundreds of years. I am also very happy sitting in the church on Sundays and singing "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end..." or just sitting in a temple and enjoying the heady smell of camphor.