Mills and Boon

Why I like reading M&B once a while? Because I always enjoyed reading romance, and these books are quick reads.

Why I don't die for them? Well M&B is not exactly romance. It is half way between romance and erotica which is kind of bearable, but it is overdone in most of the books. The plots are intense, and there are unnecessary heart breaks and misunderstandings in every single story. Why can't people fall in love, struggle to reveal their feeling to each other for a while, get married, or do whatever they want to do, and get on with life? It can get quite irritating at times. Out of the 6 odd books that a friend of mine 'donated' to me, only one was readable.

Will I stop reading M&B? No way! Like I said, they are great fillers while waiting for the next great book to come my way, and romance is a perfect feel good thing.