Fishy Curry

(Picture: My carnivorous son)

Nags has always inspired me to blog about cooking but I have been stuck in the 'being inspired' stage for a long time. So, today morning, I decided to take a stab at moving to a higher level and post about how I made fish curry last night.

Quick background: I have been a vegetarian all my life. A lacto vegetarian to be precise (right Chunny?). I have gone through a series of interesting stages when I started cooking meat (1) ewww 2) hmmm I wonder what part this is 3) its just food 4) interesting 5) I love it 6) I am an expert :P Karthik and Kaushik, comeon, endorse me. Kaushik, you say nice things, I will make chicken fry for you this weekend. Sigh! miss you Kar)

Name of the dish: Mother-in-law's fish curry made by an obedient daughter-in-law


1) Fish
2) All the stuff you need to mix with it
3) Mother-in-law


1) Ask the mother-in-law to show you how to wash the meat. While she is getting ready, fake a headache and apply menthol to your nose to fight the smell. Stand behind her so she thinks you are observing, but you have the liberty to look where ever you want (washing meat is the most difficult part for me. Sea food is even more tricky. I will have to invent ways all the time to look away so my expressions don't offend anyone)

2) There is always a standard set of spices that go into most of the dishes. Ask mother-in-law what they are, when to add them, and how much.

3) Everything that is being fried needs to reach a particular golden brown color. Ensure you wait in the kitchen and keep a close watch so things don't get overcooked or burnt. Time for more menthol.

4) Ask mother-in-law what to do next.

5) Check if you added the right amount of salt. How? Guess...exactly! Ask mother-in-law.

6) Fish curry is ready! Serve. Give credit where it is due (mother-in-law) and watch it come back to you (works every single time)

7) Have a bath and spray your favorite perfume generously and order Chinese food for yourself

Special instructions for armature bloggers:

1) Ensure mother-in-law is not Internet savvy and does not read this post
2) Trust the visitors of your blog

Special instructions for expert bloggers:

Just in case mother-in-law becomes Internet savvy in future,

1) Do not lable the post so that it soon gets burried under a pile of newer posts
2) Remove the blogger navigation bar on the top so that this post does not surface if she searches for 'fish curry' or 'mother-in-law'

Final words: No offense meant to anyone including the fish.