Lovely rains!

(Picture: Raunak and me playing in the rain water on our terrace last monsoon or the one before that. Don't remember.)

Been to the Hyderabad Central University today to attend a talk given by Kiran Karnik. The moment I stepped into the campus, I instantly fell in love with it. The huge open space, clean roads, cloudy sky, slight drizzle, lush greenery and hot chai. What else do you need in life? I love campus life (though I never lived one) and the opportunity it gives to sit under a tree and read a book! And the rain...nothing stirs my soul like the rain does. It is just the most beautiful thing ever in this world. I spent a few mins enjoying the drizzle, sitting on the lovely rocks and just soaking in all the beauty around me...heaven!

I now found a nice fun thing to do once a while. I am going to start early from home, loan my neighbor's cycle, load it in my car and head to the university before going to work. I love cycling, I love the romantic weather, and I freshly fell in love with the HCU campus. Why not marry the three!