It's Party Time!

(Picture: In San Francisco. Next to a tee that says "Will sell husband for wine" which is sometimes true ;)

Sep 27, 2008 : One of the craziest weekends in a long time. I partied on Thursday, partied on Friday, partied on Saturday and will be partying on Sunday. That is the most amount of partying I did in one go. Today is a friend's birthday and a bunch of friends met up at Nitin's place to hang out and sing! What a get-to-gether it was! I feel extremely shy to sing in front of an audience but the enthusiasm of the group was so contagious that I joined them and sang along for close to 2 hours. My throat is aching right now as I write this post

By the way, I am posting this from a local train and this is the first time I am travelling by one (in Hyderabad that is. I travelled by a metro when I visited Mumbai a couple of years ago)! I love it and am surely going to do this more often. Especially because the cost of the ticket is 5 bucks when compared to 200 bucks that I would have ended up spending if I had taken an auto. There is something fantastic that is happening next to me right now as I type this but I can't pen it down :) Next post.