Kaushik is getting married!

But who is Kaushik? Kaushik is my best friend. Umm...How do I describe him? If you meet him for the first time, you probably won't notice him. If you meet him again, you probably wont understand what he is saying. If you meet him yet again (and at this point, I am wondering why would anyone do that), you would think he is boring. If you happen (just in case) to meet him once again, you probably wont remember that you already met him before.

Kaushik is the run-of-the-mill professional like a lot of run-of-the-mill professionals we know. Like many people with limited social life during the growing up years (like me), he reads a lot of books, and when I say a lot of them, I mean a lot of them (most of them are my recommendations). Like people with no major talent but with illusions that they are good (like me), he blogs. But unlike me who writes because I take my blogging seriously, he blogs because he takes his writing seriously.

He is a whacko (like me) and does random things in life like training for and completing a 25k marathon for the heck of it (while being the least fit and sportsy person I know of in my entire circle).

He loves budget travel (like me). But unlike me, he treats travel like the way one should treat it. The journey is as important as the destination for him. He is a certified biker (without a certificate) with many hundreads of kms of travel under his belt. The more remote and virgin the place to be visited, the better.

You get the picture right? Kaushik is someone who has always imitated me, but he has a lot more time on his hand to take the imitated actions to the next level. So if you think he is even remotely cool, I take all the credit for it.

So, Kaushik is getting married. And I was wondering what wedding gift should I give him. After a lot of thought, I decided to surprise him...surprise him by posting his invitation that he sent to 60Kmph, his biking club, on Internet and invite the entire world for a wedding that he wanted to keep as a 'private affair' where only 10 guests are invited (still not sure if that includes just me or me and Ranjit...err wait! Am I invited? I received an invite, but now when I think of it, he asked me to proofread it and not exactly said “come to the wedding. You can eat lunch for free”). Kaushik, I deserve a free lunch. You can't deny it after reading this post! I demand to be invited to your wedding. I am your guru after all!!