A Taste of Public Service

(Picture: A random picture in some club I don't remember)

The last few days were exciting. I voted! My first vote ever! No I am not lying about my age. I could not vote the last two times as my name was missing from the voters list. It got fixed this time around and I got to vote!

But...I did not get my fill of understanding democracy, public work, politics and elections. So, when Ranjit and I attended our general body meeting of our apartment to elect the new body, Ranjit asked me if I wanted to contest! I was surprised he asked this question. I mean, I was the only woman attending these meetings, I was the quietest usually, and somehow, I did not expect him to suggest it. I first laughed and when I looked at Ranjit again, I had to do a double take. He was serious!

But it was too late by then anyway. The new body was chosen and everyone was clapping. Thats when something possessed me and I raised my hand and asked "What is the difference between all these roles?" Answer: SILENCE because apparently, no one knows. Someone finally stood up and said "there is no specific responsibility. These are honorary roles and everyone works for the society. Anyone can hold these posts. You can be the general secretary if you want to" and I almost immediately said "yes. I'd like to contest" a split second later realized that the voting was complete and that statement was moot. But the group immediately said "great, then welcome the new general secretary of the association". That’s it. No elections. No voting. I am telling myself (and others) I was unanimously elected.

:) This is going to be fun! My first project: getting the building painted. Expected cost: 2 1/2 lakhs. Work to be done: Raise funds, call tenders, etc....and a tiny voice in my head says, "Why the heck am I doing all this?”