Whats going on?

(Picture: Not mine)

Kasab's case is getting more and more ridiculous by the day. This guy was caught red handed, millions of us saw him on the footage that he accepts is his, and the case still drags on. I am not a big advocate of capital punishment but there are exceptions when it is needed.

I feel harsh punishment is needed for brutal crimes and an entire lifetime in prison is a lot more harsh than a quick death from capital punishment (apart from the fact the murdering a murderer is not something we should be proud of). But when it comes to cases where someone has become a threat to the national security, my moral code changes. We are a civilized nation and a criminal, no matter how barbaric he is, should get a fair trial...but a 'quick' fair trial. At least in cases like these. After witnessing the minute by minute footage of Mumbai attacks, which I will never forget in my life, it pains to know that one of the people who caused it is still alive and leading quite a decent life albeit in a prison.

How difficult is it to prove that he committed 'a' murder? If that is not enough to hang him, how difficult is it to prove that he committed 'a few' murders? Done. He murdered people and is a terrorist by his own confession, has given a bunch of other details of who masterminded the attack, how they were trained, and how it was executed. Do a rapid verification of the facts, and go hang him. Let the families who lost their loved ones have a quick closure to this.

We are currently a nation with the right attitude, but with a wrong bureaucratic lethargic legal system. Punish Kasab, and get back to diplomatic dialog for cooperation from Pakistan. We need to close the past fast and secure our future for long term peace, and not spend years in the court room letting the guy change statement after statement.