(Picture: Clicked by Gene with her amazing camera that she refuses to sell to me. Thanks Gen! You gave me all the attention I needed with all the pictures I made you click at gun point :P )

Went for a fish pedicure with bunch of friends from work and what an experience it was. I was one of the first to try and the sight was quite disgusting as you can make out form the picture. Everyone kept asking me how it felt and I kept saying "gross". Well, that pretty much describes the entire experience quite accurately. This is surely the most disgustingly amazing experience I have ever had and such harmless disgustingly amazing experience needs to be repeated so I will be doing it again.

Though the 15 mins was thick, pure, delicious, undiluted torture, my feet became so soft and shiny and supple that it was totally worth it. Next time I fight with my mom, I will take her for a nice fish pedicure as my way of apologizing :P