Happy Birthday Raunak

(Picture: Raunak, first birthday)

6 years old already! You have achieved a milestone that is very dear to me -- reading. Delightfully, you have taken to reading both Hindi and English story books, and I hope the interest you are showing now stays with you.

You have started getting into fights, both beating and getting beaten up equally frequently. According to grandma, you are always right and according to me, you are always wrong and between both of us, you get a balanced message.

You are also getting increasingly aware of the multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-lingual family that we are and are getting to understand the sensitive spots when such a mix lives under one roof. We are all just "Indians" according to you. That is good. It's an inclusive approach with a strong sense of identity and I like it.

You sing (pretty well), you draw, you share your toys, you cheat when you play board games, you hide your test papers when you score single digit marks...basically, you are a happy child and are enjoying your childhood well.

One of your front teeth is wobbling...a clear sign that you are out of the baby phase...It feels good to watch you grow from a toddler to a young boy.