Honeymoon! After 9 years!

Ranjit and I went to Goa last week. Our first holiday together, just him and me, after Raunak was born . The last one was to Vizag when I was 6 months pregnant. We did not want to go on avacation together until he was old enough to know that he was being left with his grand parents, and was fine with his mummy and daddy going off on a holiday without him. He is old enough now and was totally cool about us taking off for a few days. He was feeling quite proud to be the in-charge of taking care of his grand mother, the house and the car and he did a fabulous job!

We are probably the last people on the planet to visit Goa, so skipping the nice things about the place to avoid preaching to the pope situation. After going there, we realized that this was our real honeymoon! We did not go for one when we newly got married. The other trips we made do not really count as a 'holiday'. This was a true vacation where the only mandate was to laze around on the beach.

I am posting the pictures here again (I already posted them on Facebook). I continue to get confused about where to put up the pictures. I am duplicating the storage, but Facebook is to show my friends where I have been to and my blog is more for leaving a record of a part of my life that I want to remember later. So here go the Goa snaps again. I need to figure out a better way to do this from next time onwards.

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