The Journey of Om

Finally stumbled upon a gem of a debut book written by a young author of Indian origin, Chandru Bhojwani. I bought the kindle version of the book and wanted to read it during my journey while I was traveling recently. The book turned out to be such a good read that I finished reading it before I boarded the plane.

This is a story of Om. Om finds his girlfriend Preeti in an intimate moment with Ravi, one of their common friends. The incident makes his heart break into a million pieces and the journey of healing begins. The world of complicated human relations is told with such ease that it does not feel like there was effort put into thinking about the plot. The story is deep and intricate and leaves the reader empathizing with its characters. There is something about the book that made me feel I knew every one of the characters. Chandru brilliantly blends emotion and humor and makes daily life so real that it is hard to believe that it is a story that is being told. The pace is so exciting that I forgot that it was time to check in my baggage and get my boarding pass.

If you have aspirations of writing a story yourself, I would say start with reading this book. It is a perfect example of how various elements of writing should be blended to make a gripping story. I would give it a complete 5 on 5. An absolute must read.