Coordinated Cooking

(Clockwise: Stuffed brinjal/eggplant with onions, carrot and coconut, sambar with potato, yogurt with tomato seasoning)

I saw this tweet by Gayatri, a friend of mine in Mumbai a few hours ago "Its time to start cooking. Paati coming home in a bit. Menu: potato sambhar, tomato rasam, carrot curry, brinjal curry & carrot kheer" and immediately replied "@jestme You know what! I am going to copy your menu and cook exactly the same! :) Will save me time to think what to make today :D". We decided to share the pictures of what we made. Here is what I ended up making. The family will eat regular Sunday mutton curry and my mother-in-law is making that. All of this is just for me! Excuse my presentation and food photography skills. Not good at all that.

What is missing in the picture is my mother-in-law's amused laugh. She finally believes the excess time I spend online is being a good influence on me :D

Though this is not really an adventure, this sure falls under the 'impulsive' category so tagged it under my 'Impulsive Adventures' label.