Happy Mom's Day to Me

Today is mother's day in India and TV is playing its part well with many brands trying to influence kids to 'make the day special' for their mom. My son seems to be above all this. Here is the cartoon I drew of his reaction today morning to an ad he saw on tele (but knowing him, this may be a ploy to downplay what he is really planning)

What am I capturing here?: 1) Raunak's innocence of taking things literally or 2) His learning to possibly hold suspense and mislead.

These cartoons are real instances in the life of my son. I draw them so I can capture his a) innocence and b) his developmental milestones as he is growing up. I have learnt by experience that a and b are inversely proportional to each other and these cartoons prove it. The rest of these are under the label, 'Cartoons I Draw'.