Accidentally Coordinated Cartoons

This isn't necessarily the funniest of the cartoons but it is a very special one. Raunak and I were learning about GIS and GPS, we took a break and I started working on this cartoon based on what he said when I was explaining triangulation. I came back into the room to notice that he was drawing a cartoon too! We must practice this more. May be we can start a series where I can make a cartoon of an anecdote from my perspective and he from his perspective.

My cartoon:

Raunak's drawing just after we learnt about various GIS data models (specifically the tiger model):

The inspiration for making these cartoons are real life instances in my son Raunak's life. This is my way of capturing little magical moments and developmental milestones as he grows.

The rest of my cartoons are under the label 'Cartoons I Draw'.