I don't believe in God, you do

Dear Raunak,

I don't believe in any religion. God for me is my moral code and sense of right and wrong. I don't hope for anything after my death. All I want is to take right decisions as long as my mind is the right state to evaluate. I am not scared of being imperfect and let my inner compass guide my decisions. Sometimes I am nice to people and sometimes I am selfish. There are times when I give selflessly and sometimes I hurt people's feelings but at the end of the day, I am carefully weighing my options, desired outcome and doing what is best without looking at any rule book.

But you are not like me. You are a Christian. You believe in your savior, you believe you will go to heaven and on a daily basis believe that whatever is happening happens for a reason and there is higher power that controls everything. The good thing is, we get along real well and neither of us has an issue with our beliefs and I hope we keep it that way.

We have loads of common interests but the strongest is our love for science. I always think about best way of teaching science is without messing with your religious beliefs but suddenly I understood something deep the other day. I was trying to teach you acoustic levitation and was showing you some videos that demonstrate this in a mind blowing amazing way. Somewhere in the middle of the video, I thought if you had to articulate the wonder you were experiencing, what would you say. I would've said that with logic and reasoning, we can discover, detect and prove phenomenon that we cant even see and that thought blows my mind! But then I realized you probably would say 'what an amazing world the God has created'. My first instinct would be to argue against your thought but then, how does it matter? Both of us now know what acoustic levitation is and how it is useful in our daily lives.  It does not matter much how we connect it with our definition of our world. We are unique individuals and our comprehension of the our environment and beyond is different. We may stay this way for the rest of our lives or we may change.

Another post we should read a few years from now to see where our beliefs stand.