Parenting an Adolescent

If pre-teen years are this bad, I am *very* scared of Raunak's teen years. This boy is driving me up the wall these days.

This particular comic personally pushes the envelope for me in a few small ways. I have mustered courage and shown the faces of characters (Raunak and me) for the first time ever -- it is way harder to manage all the expressions on faces than to simply show the back side of the head. I have also taken some slight creative liberty when creating this -- my cartoons are exact replications of real life anecdotes but this particular one is 2-3 events put together. It is still a pretty accurate replication of the actual incidents.

Context: Just in case you don't know about Indian traffic, there are no cycling lanes and the route he took looks like the picture below the cartoon strip.

The inspiration for making these cartoons are real life instances in my son Raunak's life. This is my way of capturing little magical moments and developmental milestones as he grows.

The rest of my cartoons are under the label 'Cartoons I Draw'