Short or Tall

Dear Raunak,

You are 12 and at that age when some of your friends have hit their growth spurt while you wait for yours. I totally enjoy observing the seemingly giant sized girls, adult looking boys and a lot of others like you who still look like kids -- all in the same class. It also pains me when elders tell you that you will never grow tall if you don't eat well, which is not a really bad thing to say, but the moment they compare you with someone who is tall and muscular already and how they are better than you, my invisible claws get ready to tear them apart.

I want to take a moment today and tell you whether it is really matters if you are tall or short. No sweetie, it is not important and I will tell you why. Almost all of how we look is genetics, and we have no control over it. Never ever stress over things you cannot control. It is pointless. You might as well learn to accept them gracefully. But things you can control, always do everything you can to make the most of it. Your personality, your demeanour, the away you treat others, your temper, the way you carry yourself through ups and downs of life, the way you handle success and failure -- there are loads of fun things that can be controlled in life. These will make a much bigger impact in your life than uncontrollable things.

There will always be 2 kinds of people in the world around you. 1) Someone who will be better than you and 2) Someone who would want to be like you. You can be tall with smashing good looks -- well, there will always be someone better looking than you. You may be enviably successful -- there will be so many others who will be more successful than you. Don't worry about people who are better than you, draw inspiration from them if you can. Instead, focus on people who look upto you. It is an incredible responsibility to set the right example for those who think you are better than them and want to be like you someday. I am pretty sure that people who look up to you don't really care if you are tall or short.

While not worrying about looks and height is important, what is even more important is to try not to be prejudiced about others based on how they look. I will be more proud of you if you can look past other's looks than if you are confident about however you will end up looking like as an adult. I know for sure that you will be a beautiful person, whether you end up being tall or short.

- Mummy