Dear Raunak: Ten months old

You scream a lot Raunak. You started teething and it is so much fun seeing you chew at things. You dance (sort of) when you hear music and the best part is to see you and papa dance to some silly tunes. Grandma complains that you are able to pull her handbag from the shelf, open its zipper carefully and pull out all her papers and tear some and chew some. Your legs are becoming stronger by the day and it will be just a few days before you start walking. In fact, you took your first two steps already. This was at Karthik's place. In fact, the picture you see here with Kate is taken during that visit. You learnt to throw a ball back when it is thrown to you. And the most annoying thing is that you stopped clapping when I ask you to clap. You keep your face as if saying "I don't want to clap now mama!"