Dear Raunak: Eleven months old

One thing I am worried about is your teeth. I know that you will teeth for sure, but you seem to be taking your time. You are crawling a lot less too. You seem to have this irresistible temptation to stand up whenever you find a little support. Your first birthday is just a month away and I and your papa talk for hours about how and where to celebrate it. Your papa is planning a little surprise for you. I am sworn to secrecy and am not supposed to give you the slightest hint of what it is. But you can't read as yet so I think I can tell you. Papa is planning to buy a car (we want to buy a WagonR) for you. Well the original plan was to buy a car the day so that you and I can come home from the hospital in our new WagonR. But things didn't workout as we bought a flat and had to wait for a while before planning another major purchase. So most probably you and I can go for a ride in our new car on your birthday.