Dear Rauank: Completed one year at the play school

Two and a half and you sure are a handful. You started getting phone calls from your friends! I can't explain how delighted papa and I get when you sit and talk on the phone. Every single word you say is an imitation of how papa talks to his friends. You have become a non-veg freak. I was making biryani (veg) the other day and you come running from the courtyard where you usually play asking "mom, are you cooking meat?"

You completed one year at the play school. I went to meet the school staff to check if you behaved in the school the past year. Everyone including parents of other kids and your teaches told me that you are the smartest and most popular and child in the school. Papa and me beamed with pride.

You seem to really have a talent for singing. We have noticed that you can not only sing a lot of songs but can identify is someone misses a beat. Singing is a nice talent to have. You don't have to become an Indian idol but it come handy to woo girls when you grow up.

Do you know that you have over 100 pairs of shoes now? Papa and I have gone completely crazy. I think its time we stop buying so many shoes. They are getting more and more expensive.

We put you in a summer camp so that you don't trouble nanamma when I visit the US for 2 weeks. Papa bought you a tiny swimming trunk and skates.