Dear Raunak: Grandpa passed away

(In the video, your grandpa is teaching you his favorite song which you sing every time we go to visit his grave)

Your grandpa (papa's dad) passed away on Mar 20. There is no one now to take you for those long walks, to play at the RRC grounds and stand for hours together to watch over you while you play with other kids in the verandah. I am sure he will always be near you like a guardian angel. You do not know the impact of your loss. You are too young to know what is going on. You thought we put tata in a magic box and he vanished from there. You clung to the coffin until the last moment and my eyes well up thinking of the last 'bye tata' that you said when we were closing the grave. I have grown up with my grandparents around me Raunak, and I know how painful the loss is, but I thank God for giving you an opportunity to know your grandparents and spend a few very precious years with them.