Dear Raunak: Ready to start schooling

Three and a half years old and getting ready to go to school. The papa imitation continues. You also started showing clear bias towards papa. Like all children your age, you love music and you can sing very well too. I am looking out for a music teacher to teach you and me. I want to get back to learning Veena and I would love for you to learn classical music for a year or two. Won't force you to learn that but I don't want to miss out on giving you proper foundation. Uploaded a few videos of you singing. I wish I record your antiques more often. I blame it all on my laziness.

Both papa and I need to slow down on pampering you. Papa take you to Habibs for a haircut and I don't resist. You also started watching Tv actively. This seems to be the era of superheroes. Some of the programs you watch are SPD power rangers (I have spent 5k last month on buying SPD toys. I will never ever spend money on such useless things now), Shaktimaan, Hero, Pucca, Doreamon and Shinchan. Indian television is flooded with Japanese cartoon dubbed in Hindi. Result--you are addicte3d to them but the good thing is that you have started speaking good Hindi without anyone teaching you. You speak broken English with a solid Telugu accent :) Finally, it is decided now--you look like papa.