My Personal Philosophy

I am not religious. I was, for a couple of years, but not anymore. I have been exposed to Hinduism and Christianity. I am born a Hindu, but decided to explore Christianity in my late teens for a few years to understand Ranjit's beliefs (Ranjit is from a Christian family and we were seeing each other back then). Both the religions have taught me a lot in my life and molded my personality. If forced to mention my religion, I would say I am a Hindu. I am not ritualistic but rituals fascinate me. Nothing is more soothing than listening to the ancient Sanskrit hymns. Meditation has always helped me calm down as a person. As of today, I can safely say that I am spiritual, but not religious.

Now the tricky I believe in God? I am not sure as of now but I know that, someday, I will stop believing. I am just not there yet but I know I am headed in that direction. My irresistible draw towards Science (especially Neurology) is changing my perception of God. It is nice to know that there is someone in control when things are out of my hands, but these days, I am not sure. Of late, I feel more comfortable accepting the reality, and getting practical than clinging to prayers.

I don't believe in the bait of heaven and the threat of hell. I don't believe that there are rewards in store if you do good, and punishments if you do evil. I believe that we don't need a reason to do good and there is absolutely no excuse to hurt someone.

It is our duty to do good and not do evil and we should do this duty unconditionally and without expecting anything in return. I don't believe that there are evil people in this world. Everyone is good and everyone has a dark side. People who are categorized as evil are mentally sick. They need treatment.

I do not believe that we suffer for a reason. Everyone goes through the cycles of happiness and sorrow, success and failure. Experiencing failure and sorrow is an opportunity to become a stronger person and be a better fit in our personal world. More importantly, it teaches me how to deal with it when I meet it the next time. I do not believe in destiny and fate. Blaming things on destiny and fate is escapism, according to me. I believe that mind can be perceptive, intuitive and can posses emotional intelligence. I would like to believe I have a bit of all of them but I am not sure.

In conflict situations, I would like to be the first to back off, forgive and forget. I believe that it is important to be the first person to show the white flag. It is also important not to let others perceive it as a weakness because it is not. In fact it is a strength.

According to me, every problem either has a solution or a work around. It is up to me to discover it. There are no dead ends in life (except for death itself).

I believe in leading a life where I am true to myself, and don't add negative energy to the word. There is just one life we get to live, and I try my best to live it to the fullest. Keeping the 'self' alive is important. I feel it is fine to make mistakes as long as I learn my lessons and I have the courage to face the consequences of my actions. I don't have too much of respect for the rules of the society, and feel following my heart is more important. I like living on the edge and, as a rule, I take all the major decisions in my life on an impulse. I believe in having absolute clarity about what my priorities in my life are, and they are just 3. My family, my career and my life. Leading my life my way is the most important thing for me, after family.

I believe in compromises and adjustments but not in sacrifices. The moment I catch myself sacrificing something, I would consider it a defeat, and I don't like not winning.

This is how I would ideally like to live but I am human, and can't stick to everything all the time but this philosophy is my guiding light.