About Me

(Picture: One of my favorite snaps. On the terrace with my boys)

I am from the old school. Can't think of my site as complete without the 'About me' section. I had an old site that I used to host on Tripod long ago and this was the very first post I have ever written. If I remember it right, this was written in August of 2001. I could have written this differently now but I decided to keep the old memories instead. Just made very minor modifications. So here goes...

I am Kalpana, a computer science graduate currently working for Facebook after a 6 year stint with Google and a 5 year stint with NIIT. If you are interested in sun signs, I am a Gemini. I read Linda Goodman when I was 12 and I think the Gemini that she describes comes pretty close to describing me.

I am enveloped in love round the clock by my husband Ranjit, our adorable son Raunak, my parents-in-law who live with us, my parents who stay a couple of blocks from my place and a go-getter younger brother.

If I had power to change anything in this world, I would ask God to give my grandparents back. You have no idea how much I miss you tata, nainamma. Hope you are being well looked after in heaven.

If God gave me a second wish, I would ask him for around-the-world tickets for me and my family, with cash to spend while we travel, and an Indian restaurant in every place I visit. Pardon the commas in the wish.

I am very fond of PhotoShop. I used to create wallpapers and there was a time when people knew me through the wallpapers I created. Those days are history now. Except for a few wall papers that escaped being formatted from my hard disk, I don't have any evidence of that phase...not even the passion and knack (if not talent). I have put up some of my wallpapers here if you are interested to have a look.

I am a book freak. I used to read anything ranging from Mills and Boon to serious philosophy but my taste has stabilized now and I read science, history, a lot of random non-fiction, some selected fiction, and pseudo science crap like Tipping Point.

I don't watch movies, but of the few that I have watched, I love 'Catch me if you can' and 'A walk in the clouds'. I like watching TV though it is very rare that I win the remote control battle. My favorite programs are 'Malgudi Days' and 'Discovery of India'. Cant stand the regular saas bahu soaps but enjoy the talent shows, especially the singing ones. And like half of the population on the Earth, I love watching 'Friends'.