Dear Raunak: You too like detective stuff!!!

July 27 (picture: A drawing that you made for Nitin, a friend of mine from office...well, he is more a friend of your's than mine actually): There is this cartoon series called Detective Conan that is shown in JetX which I have noticed you LOVE watching. I love reading murder mysteries, and I was thrilled to see you show so much of interest in following the way the detective untangles the mystery. My heart swelled with pride when you ran to your grandma and explained the entire plot to her accurately. This means that your concentration span is increasing, you understand the complicated storyline and can clearly express complex thoughts :)But at 4 years of age, you are better off riding your bicycle with your friends than seeing murder thrillers (even if they are in the cartoon form). So, I locked the channel for now. We will watch these together after a couple of years :)