Moved my site to Blogger!!!

Finally moved my site to Blogger. The reason why I stayed away from this is because I like the 'website' feel for my blog, and Blogger is just a string of posts, but I bow down and finally accept that this is a superior product. I have tried my best to retain my 'navigation bar' so it still somewhat feels like a website with various pages. I also moved all my content here and will soon add a redirect from my old site. There is still so much to do here. I need to get analytics set up as soon as I can. Can't bear to leave my site published and not know what activity is going on. It will take a while for me to get used to this new look but I am happy with the template.

The only regret, I had to leave out a lot of content on my home page as it did not fit into the current scheme. I don't know what to do with my old guest book :( I have some great memories there and I don't want to abandon it. May be I will leave it as a link somewhere here but I am not sure yet.

Sasi, this is all because of the worm you put in my head. RSS feeds finally! This is the second worm actually. I started drawing comic strips because I was inspired by yours. Nags, you are right. There is no fun without allowing people to comment on individual posts...

...and Kate, I dedicate this new site to you :) Just 23 days late. Hope you don't mind :)