Weekend Ka Band Bajgaya

(Picture: My old team at Google...aahh am feeling a little nostalgic now)

Great weekend! A band from Google played at a pub called Escape. Some of my very good friends are a part of the band, and Ranjit and I headed there on Saturday to watch them play.

It is always a pleasure to see Maya and Satish sing. Also, I missed watching Mahendran play his guitar too many times, so decided not to miss any more shows. I recognized many numbers this time which probably means the band toned down their rock quotient or my knowledge of rock music improved. I usually don't understand most music of that genre. Am taking proxy lessons from Mandar through his blog (wait wait wait. If you are a rock music fan, you will not come back to this site after clicking on that link. So finish up reading this post and then click on it) I pick the songs/albums/artists he writes highly of and try and listen to the songs many times until I get the music. I have grown to like the music now, but my knowledge is not yet up to the mark, and is definitely not 'technical' (don't think it will ever be). Mandy says he has "always been enamored by the layered beauty of rock music" and it surely is layered for me too.

Layer 1) Read up the lyrics
Layer 2) Read up about the band/singer
Layer 3) Find the song/album on YouTube (link: one of my favorite songs)
Layer 4) Listen to the song
Layer 5) Listen to the song
Layer 6) Listen to the song

I Was so surprised to hear the band play 'Mere laundry ka ek bill' from 'Rock On', and not only that, the crowd swooned to the number (I expected people to roll their eyes. I mean, its a Hindi song and very soft rock). Ranjit totally enjoys the company of the old time Googlers. There were a bunch of them at Escape, and we ended up partying until midnight. Missed Adarsh on stage though, and Tiqvah's bright smile seeing him on stage singing.

It was just perfect. Great music, great company and a great place (Ranjit and I share some very special memories of Escape. This is where he asked me to marry him)

It is probably too late to say this but if you don't know my friends, you may not find this post interesting. A quick introduction of everyone I mentioned here:

Maya -> Googler, and a good friend. We worked in the same team for quite some time. Raunak loves her dog...from a distance.
Satish -> Maya's husband (what a lovely couple they make). Ranjit and Satish have become good friends of late.
Mahendran -> Googler and a good friend. One of the reasons I attend these shows. Plays rhythm guitar
Mandar -> Googler, and a good friend. Worked in the same team for quite some time. One of the biggest rock fans I know. My proxy rock guru (I don't think he knows it). Sings.
Adarsh -> Googler, and a good friend. Sings, seen him play drums once. Lookes great with long hair tied up into a pony :P...and...is from Vizag, my birthplace :)
Tiqvah -> Adarsh's gorgeous wife. Googler, good friend, and a part of my work group.
Ranjit -> My husband.
Raunak -> our 5 year old son.