Conversation with a 'guest'

Context: Kaushik is one of my best friends. We studied together at NIIT. This is him in the picture on his stupid bike during one of his regular stupid road trips to stupid places in India

Mother-in-law: Kalpana, did you serve tea to Kaushik?
Kaushik: No aunty. She did not ask me if I want some tea.
Kalpana: Shut up. I asked you and you said you don't want it.
Kaushik: Nope. You didn't ask me.
Mother-in-law: Don't know when this girl will learn.
Kalpana: Aunty! It's just Kaushik. He will ask if he wants it.
Kaushik: No. Thats not how you should treat guests.
Kalpana: (Guest?? and Kaushik?? My foot)
Mother-in-law: Even if he says no, you should still serve and insist he drinks. It's basic manners.
Kaushik: Totally aunty. Not just now, I have never seen her ask me if I want something. Not even a glass of water. Forget about saying no, even if I say yes I will have tea, she forgets to serve.
Mother-in-law: Don't know when she will grow up. It is her house. People who visit are her guests. How long will I be around to tell her what to do? If she doesn't learn now, how will she manage when I am not here anymore?
Kalpana: (Cowshi...k! Just you wait!!)
Kaushik: Yes, yes! Err..Kalpana, tea?
Mother-in-law: There you go. I just gave her a lecture and she already forgot all about it!
Kalpana : (@#$%& This is so going on my blog! and Kaushik, you are dead meat! You will pay dearly for this)