Dear Raunak: The Memory Challenge

Challenge: I gave you a casual instruction in one sentence. Said it in normal pace but did not repeat anything the second time.

The Test:

1) How good are your listening skills?
2) How much can you remember?
3) How do you interpret what I said?

The Instruction: "Raunak, will you draw a river with a fish swimming in it, a mountain and a tree on the bank, a bird flying in the sky, the sun shining brightly and clouds floating around it?"

Your Response: :)

Time You Took To Do This: 6 minutes (does not include the 10 minutes I took to find the specific crayons you asked me for)

Interesting to note that you asked me for the 5 colors -- pink, green, brown, blue and yellow -- before you started drawing . So you heard the question, made a plan, figured what you would need to execute it, and executed it. Clearly, a new milestone is achieved. You can process fairly complex thoughts now. Your next test will be tougher :)

For My Reference: You are 5 years and 2 months old when you did this