I YouTubed, I watched, I HAD to post!

(Picture: My Veena that I stopped playing a couple of years ago. Sigh ! )

Was going through the YouTube Symphony Orchestra videos and found them to be sooo awesome. Especially the video lessons that the experts of various instruments give. They are super technical, and I did not understand a word of what they were saying, but absolutely mesmerizing to watch. My favorite videos are the Violin lessons and Harp lessons and Percussion lessons and Clarinet lessons and the Flute lessons....heck all of them are amazing. Can't wait to see the final orchestra video. I am once again saddened that I gave up learning Veena and I once again wish I had some natural talent for music. God is not fair!


1) Not a promotion post :)
2) Has got nothing to do with the fact that I work for Google that owns YouTube, but I would surely say that if you are play any musical instrument and you are talented, you should audition for the orchestra!
3) A representative post of my obsessive compulsive tendency of blogging about every thing I do in my life