Five Point Someone

Chetan Bhagat's 'Five Point Someone' is about the life of 3 students of IIT. What sets them apart is their mediocre grades, their tendency to surrender to the temptation of trying risky shortcuts to succeed and their common hatred for the strict IIT system of education. If you are someone who hated your college (like me), you will enjoy this book even more. Ryan is the brain behind most of the escapades and Alok and Hari blindly follow him. The plot starts with simple mischief like drinking Vodka on the roof of the college building and reaches a crescendo when the three try to steal the question papers from the office of Prof Cherian, head of Mechanics dept and get caught red handed. To complicate things further, Prof Cherian happens to be Hari's girlfriend's dad. While the adventures of these IITians itself makes the book quite interesting to read, Hari's romance with Neha adds color to the plot. Hari's very honest 'boy' thinking while he is with Neha is brilliantly written. The writing is very informal and it feels as if you are reading a nice blog. If you want to know how Chetan Bhagat looks like, ask Jessie ;)

Posting from my Blackberry so pardon spelling mistakes, unless I do something like mis-spell the title of the book. Thanks Nags :)