I Made a Jewish Meal!

(Picture: My last night's Jewish dinner)

I have an academic interest in a couple of religions and Judaism happens to be one of them (I feel I overuse the phrase 'academic interest', but I can't think of another phrase that means the same). It is a lot of fun reading up about the philosophy, theology and understand the religious beliefs and rituals. The 8 day festival of Hanukkah started yesterday, and this time, I wanted to go a step ahead from reading about it to experiencing it. I tried finding a Jewish community in Hyderabad without much success, so the next best thing I thought I could do was to cook a Jewish Hanukkah meal. And I did! Well not exactly a 'meal' but I made one of the traditional dishes.

Even though it is Passover thing, I tried to get a Seder plate together just for fun for lunch (inspiration: Greg Kaye who's blog I discovered randomly, and found that we work for the same company, and he is friends with some of my good friends, and not just that, one of the links on his site point to a video I edited and uploaded on Google Videos! Talk about coincidence). Could not do it because of my busy schedule yesterday. But I made traditional Hanukkah Potato Latkes for dinner! I clicked a snap of it and uploaded it with this post. Nags, realized that food photography is not easy! Your pictures are brilliant!