Dear Raunak: A Clarification

(A picture of you eating with chopsticks at 'Aromas of China')

I have been teaching you to eat with your hand for a few days now, and today, I started teaching you to eat with chopsticks. You already eat comfortably with a knife (or spoon) and a fork. To my surprise, you found eating with chopsticks easier than eating with your hands. Of course the chopsticks were bound with a rubber band on the end so they don't slip out of your hand but still it was quite tough for me to pick up anything from my plate. I feel embarrassed to try to eat with chopsticks now, but you don't have any inhibitions yet so I guess you found it easy to pickup whatever you can with the sticks and the rest with your hands, fork, and some directly with your mouth. By the end of the meal, you were using chopsticks quite well. I am super impressed. It is a complex task and you are able to learn it well.

On a related note, I don't want you to grow up, read these posts, and think that I am this obsessed mom who tortured you to do so many different things. I just want to give you maximum exposure. Yes I test your limits, I push them at times, but that doesn't mean I force you. If you are not interested in doing something you need not do it. I respect your choice.

You are just such a great sport every time I introduce something new that I don't feel like being a passive parent and see you learn things on a need basis. We are a great team, not just now but even before you were born.

During one of my last scans when I was expecting you, the doctor told me that she is going to show me your face if you are in the right position. All through the way to the clinic, I kept wishing that you don't stay like a doll, but do something. Anything. I just wanted to see a baby that looked alive and moving. The doctor prepared for the scan,and when the computer screen started showing the images, I could see your face. That one image will be one of the strongest memories of you as an infant. You opened your big eyes, moved your lips and suddenly stuck your tongue out (not kidding. I have the video! Will show you when you are big enough). Your eyes were not focusing on anything (obviously!) but you opening your eyes and making a funny face was the first time we became a great team. If want you to do something, you exceed all my expectations :) Won't stress you out with ridiculous expectations but want to give you credit for the great sport you are all the time. Enjoy your life buddy, and teach me how to eat with those freaking chopsticks when you have sometime.