Long Distance Cycling

(Picture: A drunk person asking a drunk person to click the pic of the drunk person and this is the result...)

It has been a while that I did something crazy. That something needs to be something I never did before, tests my limits and makes a few people say "you are crazy". I was out of ideas until now, but suddenly I knew what I wanted to do -- cycle to work one of the days.

Why is it a big deal? 1) My place is a good 30 Km from Google 2) My stamina currently is the lowest in many years, and I will have to hit the gym regularly, and train for this real hard 3) The unruly Hyderabad traffic can kill me 4) My family will never allow me to do this because of point #3, which means I will have to sneak out and do this secretly (no one from home reads my blog so if you keep it a secret, it will remain that way)