A Page from my Childhood

It was a Sunday and must have been 6.30 or 7 in the morning. I usually sleep in the drawing room and the room has an attached balcony. Since the balcony is east facing, the room gets quite bright very early. While my eyes try to adjust to the brilliant sunlight falling straight on my face, I notice my entire family is sleeping in the drawing room that day. I am surprised because that never happened before. I turn my head and am even more surprised to see a huge new white cupboard. That was not there when I went to sleep the previous night. I am trying to figure out what is happening when I hear a deep throated rumble from the new cupboard. I run to my dad screaming “daddy…there is a monster in that new cupboard”. Dad laughs and says “haha that’s a fridge we bought for the house. It got delivered late last night when you were sleeping tight. I knew you would get scared by the noise when you wake up, so we decided to sleep here tonight.” I had no clue what a fridge meant. Never heard of it before and never seen one. Did not understand why we bought it, but I was so relieved that there is no monster inside, because going by what was going on around me, it was clear that I had to share my room with it. From that day onwards, the white Godrej refrigerator remained my roommate for the next 14 years with its thermostat singing lullaby to me every night.

Dad remembered this incident when the new sofas that Ranjit got for my brother and his new bride got delivered today and we all had a good laugh. I felt like capturing the memory of my roomie on my site.