(Picture: Nikita and her chachaji)

Been to Delhi/Gurgaon last weekend. The first time I went to Delhi was when I was 12 and I have gone there many times after that. The city is special because every single time I have been there, I was there alone, without family. I explored the city on my own during my numerous visits and made some really good friends. I got the taste and got hooked on to traveling alone (once a while) because of Delhi.

This time around, I went there on a business trip with Nikita and Ajitha, friends of mine from work. We had one evening for ourselves and usually I head to shop a bit, but this time I decided to give it a skip and tag along with Nikita to meet her uncle and I am super glad that I made that choice. I also realized during this trip that Nikita has the most interesting group of friends. Every time she talks about some friend of hers, I am amazed at what they ended up doing in life. One is a popular Korean movie star, another an upcoming professional magician, for a sample. People who led a normal simple childhood along with her but decided to pursue their dreams and (this is the more important thing) found success.

Nikita's uncle is one of the most interesting people I met in my life. He retired from the Indian Navy some 15 years ago and was third in command during that time. The place where we met him was quite interesting. The Navy club (that's not what it is called but I don't remember the exact name now. Its basically a club for the Navy officers). The restricted access to that place makes it even more interesting for me. I have never really been to a place that has exclusive access to the defense forces personnel before and it was as gorgeous as I had expected it to be complete with well maintained formal looking building, high ceilings and leather furniture and waiters who have obviously been working for many many years in the same place. We did not get to see a lot of hot Navy guys in their dazzling white uniforms as we were quickly escorted to the bar, but the ambiance of the place and the company made up for it.

Then enters this man, lean, neatly combed silky gray hair and a brilliant smile. Very charming with his impeccable manners and witty talk. He lead an exotic life in Navy like most people I know from the defense background, dated a girl in Russia who turned out to be a spy, did things in his personal life that even our generation would hesitate to do, obviously lives his life the way he wants to and owns a company that is into work that makes me feel so envious. The real fun is in giving more details but I don't think I have the right to divulge into specifics about someone else's life on a public blog. I had one of the most entertaining conversations ever and some excellent wine (Ajitha enjoyed the wine the most I guess :P). Thanks Nikita! and chachaji, I wish when I am your age, I can say I am as happy and content in life as you are!